My history Resume

The following are some of our greatest achievements to date, covering our experience and resulting software products.


College Academic Information System
2019 - 2020

College Website, New Student Admission System, e-Learning, Class Schedule Management, Grade Point Average Management, Institutional Repository, etc

Office Information System
2020 - 2021

Attendance, Team Work, Assignment, Correspondence, Meeting Management, Coordination & Distribution, e-Archive (Store, share and manage your business documents).

Online Training Information System
2021 - 2022

Participant Registration Management, Training Management, Certification and online verification, and Online Services


2019 - 2022

IBM asmi, CV. Yataga Sukses Sejahtera, P3DN Kementerian Perindustrian RI, etc

Monitoring and Reporting Application

Kementerian Kesehatan RI

Manufacturing Information System
2020 - Now

CV. Yataga Sukses Sejahtera

College Academic Information System
2021 - Now

IBM asmi

Human Capital & Repository
2020 - 2021

IBM asmi